The Donetsk Post

THE DONETSK POST IT'S SMILES ALL ROUND IN DONETSK It's not often there's something to smile about for all three of the biggest clubs in the city so we should bask in the delight of this season while it lasts. Olimpik's relegation to the second tier last season following a dismal showing in the Premier... Continue Reading →

Metalurg Donetsk – Part Two

INTRODUCTION With a season in Eastern Europe under my belt, I ventured into Second League battle for a second time in an attempt to lead our fallen club one step forward in the quest to climb through the divisions and back to the summit of Ukrainian football. Last season, 2020-21, had it's fair share of... Continue Reading →

Metalurg Donetsk – Part One

INTRODUCTION Having talked you through the structure we arrive to face in the Ukrainian league system in The Setup, it's finally time for me to document the highs and lows of my first campaign at the helm of Metalurg Donetsk. I stated previously that while I have taken on big challenges in FM before, I... Continue Reading →

Metalurg Donetsk – The Setup

INTRODUCTION I don't think it's a secret that the editor has had it's flaws since it's release alongside the full launch of FM21 on the 24th of last month, flaws which have caused me to put a considerable amount of additional effort into the game setup than would have been expected. The end result, however,... Continue Reading →

FC Metalurg Donetsk

INTRODUCTION In the midst of a global shitshow there lies a glimmer of hope, and it is only fitting that this glimmer of hope comes in digital form. It is 2020 after all. Of course we're fast approaching the launch of FM21 and are knee deep in Save Reveal Season, so it's time for me... Continue Reading →

RFC Seraing – The Promised Land

INTRODUCTION With unexpected back-to-back promotions secured, we had now successfully navigated our way through the truly bizarre, but wonderful, Belgian lower league system. The rules enforced across the board in the Amateur Division and the Pro League B are unique but proved to be an extremely enjoyable experience. It probably helped that we were winning,... Continue Reading →

RFC Seraing – A Stolen Dream

1. WRITERS NOTE Promotion at the first time of asking last time out meant that we faced a vitally important summer if we wanted to make ourselves adequately competitive in the Belgian Pro League B this season. Unfortunately, however, we still had very limited funds available in order to make this process easy and as... Continue Reading →

RFC Seraing – New Beginnings

1. WRITER'S NOTE After pushing out the introductory post to this newest save of mine a couple of weeks ago, I've had a great deal of fun playing through the save thus far. Therefore, despite my previous struggles with FM20, I'm here to bring you an update from Belgium as we embarked upon a season... Continue Reading →

RFC Seraing – Les Metallos

1. WRITER'S NOTE It's been a while since any content has appeared here on the site due to a plethora of frustrations with the latest iteration of the game we adore so much. Whilst many have gotten going with their blog saves, many have subsequently fallen and I must commend them for even getting started... Continue Reading →

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